Enough learning.
I now have to drill what I’ve learnt over the past few weeks and months by writing lots of code.

Been noodling around with what that might look like in my head. Here’s what I got.
After tentatively coding up stuff in a couple of domains and after a short chat with a friend, I realise I love writing code for the web.
I love reading.
I love to write on my blog.
I love that with just a few keypresses, my words can be read by anyone on the web, no gatekeeper required.
I would love to write code to enable this for more people.
I would love to play and tinker and push at the boundaries of this domain. This intersection of all this is web development.
Ergo, I want to become a web developer.

So while I have learnt and watched and written a bit of code and understand how programming works, what I need now, if I want this to be my second career, is fluency and a portfolio.

To that end,

  • I need to do all sorts of basic exercises in the languages I am learning (Python/HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • I need to find and contribute to open source projects, to get a feel of how it is to work with folks and to understand how this whole world functions
  • I need to write toy projects for myself.

Learning by my ownsome was a tremendously hard, extremely lonely task.
I don’t want to repeat that mistake again.
So, to start with the “doing”, I’ve signed up at Code Newbie for their #CNC2021 challenge.
Lasts 5 weeks, and I’m already a couple of days behind, but never mind that.
I also stretched a bit and signed up for the Code More challenge.

As to what’s involved, I have no clue, yet.
Will wait up for their emails and then do the work and write all about it here.

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