I want to leave VS Code behind me and move to using Emacs for mostly everything I write in the long haul.

Emacs is the editor I use to putter around for any text editing I need to do, but most of my long form writing and coding were done in VS Code.
And the more I use it (VS Code, not Emacs), the more uncomfortable I get, no matter how nice and shiny it is.

While they are old and crufty, there is a benefit to using editors like Emacs.
One that matters to me. Emacs (and Vim) are Lindy.
So I’ve decided to split my needs for now.
Programming code goes to Jetbrains and everything else goes to Emacs.1

The one thing I immediately missed was doing code . in my terminal to open up a folder full of files in VS Code.
Emacsclient would launch alright, but I would have to close the Emacs window to regain control of my terminal to process other commands.
Yes, I could bg it, but I want to be able to quit the terminal as well.
Spelunking through the Emacs documentation led me to the no-wait switch.
So I updated my ec alias to
alias ec='emacsclient -create-frame --no-wait --alternate-editor=""'

Now an ec . in a folder opens up Emacs with gorgeous folder listing of files for me.

One more step towards an all Emacs future :)

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  1. Even programming eventually will go to Emacs ↩︎