Trying to get back to writing. (attempt no. 87,245)

And trying to learn Rust and document the journey at the same time.


  • I want to learn a language that can give me free standing executables to distribute.1
  • I want a fast language. (rather a language that generates fast programs.)
  • The little that I’ve learnt of C (which fascinates me), has convinced me that I am one of those folks, who will definitely shoot myself in the foot with it. And most stuff is manual. I’m willing to do the work, but not all the work. Lazy and all that :)
  • That boils it down to C++ & Rust.
  • To my mind, it’s an easier path from Python to Rust. The shapes of things are similar. Like Fred Ross would put it, it’s not an ur-language for me.2
  • And at this point, it was just looking at a Rust error message that did it for me. Short. Sane. Sensible.3

The Plan

  • There’s no grand plan here, unlike Python where I just had to know everything
  • Just do a tiny bit daily and write about it. That’s it.

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  1. It’s hard with Python. ↩︎

  2. Lisp is! :) ↩︎

  3. I hope the documentation is as good. I haven’t read much. The little that I have befuddled me. But that is just because of the new, new thing. ↩︎