I’ve had a rash of folk1, unsubscribing from the newsletter after last few I’ve sent.
I guess a few of you signed on, for techy posts and because of life, most of my recent newsletters have mostly been photography, or writing or other stuff.2

So, I went ahead, reworked the subscribe page on the blog and segmented the rest of you folk. Hopefully, you see only the emails you are interested in.
I’ve sent out emails to each list, asking if they’re interested in the other (or all) list, so if you’d like alternatives, mail me and tell me so :) For new folk, the page now asks for the kind of emails, you would like to receive and automatically puts you in said bucket.
Yes, there’s a bit more friction, but I cannot help it.
Better to err on the side of safety.

And to the rest of you who remain, dear readers, thank you for your accepting this gift of mine so graciously and giving it your most precious resource in return.
Your time and attention.

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  1. five out of a hundred and twentyish good readers ↩︎

  2. Some of you also kindly suggested, that I focus, but that is not what this blog is about. This is the place for me to write what I want to write :) ↩︎