I often fat fingered the file name / buffer name / Org Roam link name when launching something new.
And then when I am busy and knee deep in work, I glance up to see the error glaring at me.

I figured out, looked up how to fix it

  1. Hit C-x d to flip into a dired buffer
  2. Find my filename in the list. (C-s can help search and narrow stuff)
  3. Then C-x C-q to go into Wdired mode
  4. Change the file name to whatever I want it to
  5. C-c C-c to be done with it.

Et voilà!
(If you are editing an Org Roam node, M-x org-roam-db-sync to keep everything shipshape)1

Update, 2022-09-17: Antón responded to my post on Linkedin to suggest that step 3 could also be done alternatively by just hitting R at the filename, which would let me rename the file (using dired-do-rename)

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  1. I know, I know, the db eventually catches up. But if you’ve been reading me long enough, you know I’m enough of a control freak to be doing this 😂 ↩︎