Did I not just write about this, the other day with Emacs?
I did, but Pycharm seems to have the same affliction. Pycharm, just like Emacs, stubbornly refuses to accept my Compose key combinations. Which means … you guessed it, no ‘,”,“ or ’ punctuation and all the other affordances, Compose gives me.
Considering that I need both, Pycharm as well as Emacs in my life, it behooved me, that I go solve this too.

And … drumroll … the answer turned out to be the same as Emacs.
Set the locale to be en_US.utf8 systemwide.

Which confused me a bit for a second.
I had done it for Emacs. So why was Pycharm behaving oddly?
And then, another second later, I realised, that this was a different machine.
This was my laptop, which I now use as my daily driver and the locale was set to India, as per my original preferences.

A quick, sudo localectl set-locale LANG=en_US.utf8 and a reboot later, both Pycharm and Emacs were humming along to the Compose key dance :)

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