One way you realise you are making progress is when you realise you’re using the skills you learn elsewhere too.
Finished my duolingo session today with my raw “asdf” touch typing skills. I’m slowly internalising touch typing.
Stil quite aways to go, though :)


  • 13.00, Did Vim Anki and used touch typing there too
  • 14.45, 15 mins of gtypist. Loving it now, despite the pain it causes :)
  • 15.00, Beginning Lutz Chapter 4, NUmbers in Action
    1. Overloading and Polymorphism, Python itself overloads some opertaors such that they perform different actions depending on the type of buily-in objects being processed.
      For example, the + operator performs addition when applied to numbers but concatenation when applied to sequence objects like strings and lists.
      This property is usually called polymorphism
  • 22.00, Chapter 6 of the Lutz book done. It’s a small one called A Dynamic Interlude, but it cleared so many huhs for me.