Update, 2020/11/13: This has been working beautifully! I love the poems as they show up in my feed.

This is a tiny little niche thing, I built all for my ownsome.
It all started, when I got hooked on reading the daily poem, on the Poetry Foundation page.

Learning Python as I am, I wondered if there was a way to have it come to my RSS reader.
And so Poemfeed is a tiny little utility that does just that for me.

It looks up Poetry Foundation’s, Poem of the Day for a new poem.
If there is one, it follows the link to the complete poem, and then gets the link to that page and writes that into an simple RSS entry in an xml file.

I then wrote a simple cron job that executes the python script twice a day, and if an xml file is generated, it moves it to a place that my RSS reader can access.
Et voilà, a brand new poem everyday! (or as often as they publish :))

The code’s here, on my repo, on Gitlab and on Github, if you want to have a look see.

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