Raspberry Pi 4 Not Accessible After a Reboot

Update: 28/12/2021 The solution? Move off the 64 bit Raspberry Pi OS and install Ubuntu. Everything below is now just for history and context :) Every time I update my Pi, whether it be an kernel update or due to something goofy I do, it refuses to be accessible via ssh after it boots back up. And everytime I bring it back to my desk, it just works. And when I put it back into its niche, by the door, it continues to work....

December 28, 2021

On Reading

This post was first sent to my newsletter on December 19th, 2021. You really ought to subscribe :) image, courtesy The Toymaker’s Journal Lots of links in this letter, because there won’t be a work letter later, this month :) This one is all about, drum roll … Reading :) You know the drill. Click the headers to wander off to the original articles. Books I Read Last Month So Good They Can’t Ignore you, is a book I strangely keep coming back to....

December 26, 2021

Getting Rid of Codliver Oil Burps

Don’t quite know when it began, but probably a sign of getting old 😂 I get nasty burps every time I take my codliver oil capsules now. Solution1 Buy capsules with what they call, an enteric coating on them. (Expensive! Not for me!) or Put your existing bottle in the freezer and pop one an hour before lunch. The combination of cold capsule ingestion, followed by its smothering by food an hour later, has fixed the burps for me!...

December 8, 2021

Test Post 2021-12-06-2

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December 6, 2021

Test Post 2021-12-06

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December 6, 2021