The Rest Is Memory

The Rest is Memory

June 14, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

How to Stop Time

Click the pic to see a larger version How to stop time: kiss. How to travel in time: read. How to escape time: music. How to feel time: write. How to release time: breathe. — Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive (via, @melodybookshaven on tumblr) Feedback on this post? Mail me at feedback at this domain P.S. Subscribe to my mailing list! Forward these posts and letters to your friends and get them to subscribe!...

June 13, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Be Nobody but Yourself

A poet is somebody who feels, and who expresses his feelings through words. This may sound easy. It isn’t. A lot of people think or believe or know they feel — but that’s thinking or believing or knowing; not feeling. And poetry is feeling — not knowing or believing or thinking. Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel....

June 12, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

I Read Like Grandma Does

Reading list from 1943!

June 9, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Cursive Is Fun

I love it, meaning, I love writing cursive, not someone’s suffering Some poor soul on Tumblr, seems to’ve been traumatised by cursive as a kid. While my chicken scrawl is legible only to me mostly, I love the doing of it. The actual writing. (I do write legibly if someone else has to read it, mostly Abby, Mom or Priyanka1) Peter Morwood, in his beautiful post, makes a lovely point as well …...

June 8, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza

Doing Devops, Dropping Rust

too many things, too little life

June 7, 2024 · Mario Jason Braganza