All About the Move to Hugo

I finally got done, moving the blog from Nikola to Hugo today. I already wrote about why I did it. These are a few more thoughts about what went into the endeavour; and some colophonesque details. One, really small hope, is that it will help me learn Go. The DevOps world that I now seek to enter, speaks Go. I also, now run two Go programs that are indispensible to me, Hugo and Miniflux....

May 13, 2022

Begin Again

Moved over from Nikola, to Hugo today. In two minds about what to do with all the old posts. Do I just shed them all, like I’ve done in the past? Or work to move them over? Maybe, tomorrow’ll bring clarity. In the meanwhile, this is a house under construction, y’all! Stuff does not work, stuff looks wonky, and stuff both, looks wonky and doesn’t work. I’ll be at it, on and off, over the next few weeks, trying to make this home....

May 6, 2022

My First Post

Hello! Is this thing on? Does this work?

May 6, 2022

I Have Now Begun Learning Go!

That’s just it for now :) Am learning Go!

April 20, 2022

Installing PyCLD3 on an Apple M1 Mac

While building my work product on the fancy-schmancy M1 work Mac, I kept running into clang errors, when I did a pip install Turns out, PyCLD3 would not build. So I did it manually. This tip on Github did the trick We need brew installed. And then we run the following commands in a terminal … brew install protobuf #install protobuf # set various compiler flags export GRPC_PYTHON_BUILD_SYSTEM_OPENSSL=1 export GRPC_PYTHON_BUILD_SYSTEM_ZLIB=1 export CFLAGS='-I /opt/homebrew/opt/protobuf/include' export LDFLAGS=-L/opt/homebrew/opt/protobuf/lib # install pycld3 python3 -m pip install pycld3 And we’re set!...

March 30, 2022