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Clouds sailing upon Pangong Lake

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Maria Popova on How Reading Is Like Love

Now you are being read. Your body is being subjected to a systematic reading, through channels of tactile information, visual, olfactory, and not without some intervention of the taste buds. Hearing also has its role, alert to your gasps and your trills. It is not only the body that is, in you, the object of reading: the body matters insofar as it is part of a complex of elaborate elements, not all visible and not all present, but manifested in visible and present events: the clouding of your eyes, your laughing, the words you speak, your way of gathering and spreading your hair, your initiatives and your reticences, and all the signs that are on the frontier between you and usage and habits and memory and prehistory and fashion, all codes, all the poor alphabets by which one human being believes at certain moments that he is reading another human being …

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It’s 40 minutes long, but definitely worth every minute of your time.

Ryan Holiday’s 100 (Short) Rules for a Better Life

4 - Say no (a lot).
15 - It’s not about routine but about practices.
71 - Go the f*ck to sleep.
81 - Don’t just read books, re-read books.

After all,

we are what we reread

via, Ricardo Siri

Shane Parrish posits Your Thinking Rate Is Fixed

A good metaphor is installing an update to the operating system on your laptop. Would you rather install an update that fixes bugs and improves existing processes, or one that just makes everything run faster?
Obviously, you’d prefer the former. The latter would just lead to more crashes. The same is true for updating your mental operating system.

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