I love it whenever the Roger Ebert of the Emacs world aka Jon Snader aka irreal, gets his hands on one of my posts and uses it for his insightful annotations.
His conclusion is something I totally relate to, because that is exactly what has kept me using Emacs ever since I began using it. It bends to my will. Or as Jon puts it …

It’s yet another way that Emacs adapts itself to its users rather than insisting those users adapt themselves to Emacs.

Read irreal’s entire post here.

P.S. I also managed to power my workflow with elisp, like Jon’s first impulse told him to. And that was because of Emacs’ second (or rather biggest) strength.
The kindness and warmth of the Emacs community at large.
@laotang from the fediverse, reached out and gave me the gift of an elisp function, that did what I needed :)

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