This past year has been, without a doubt, a year of learning and insight for me.

I haven’t had as many ‘Aha!’ moments, since I was eighteen years old and struggling with a vengeance to read and learn to make up for lack of a college education.

I rediscovered Aphorisms for Thirsty Fish and The Song of the Bird and realized, that they were more than strange pleasant poetry or an awesome collection of stories.

I’ve found Marcus Aurelius & Seneca and realized that life and people and experiences just go round and round.

I’ve found Feynman again and realized learning is fun and a life well lived is funner :P

I’ve learnt about money and how to think about it.

I’ve found that capturing life in all its forms is gratifiying.

I’m finally learning to think :P

And these people and these books and these crafts have given me just a handful of the barrage of insights that I’ve gained this year.

And it’s made me stop longing for the four years from eighteen to twenty two, when I could learn anything I put my mind to.
I’ve realized, i can do that even now.
I might be slower.
But I’m enjoying myself a lot more.

It makes me feel a bit sorry for my late twenties and early thirties self. I feel like I was sleep walking through life
(Not too sorry though. That boy-man has had the roughest decade so far. But I would not have felt so guilt ridden and stressed then)
And in a way, that seems to be my favourite what-if.
What if my younger self automatically had what little knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained by now?
Guess I’ll never know.

I’ve discovered that next to Jesus’ commandment
A life filled with intention and gratitude is the best thing there is.

And here’s the thing.
I know I learn a little bit more every time I have these moments
But more importantly these Aha!s fill me with joy.

And being the poor endorphin addicted, homo sapien that I am, I think, I’ll spend the rest of my life chasing my Aha! moments, big and small.