I wrote the other day, about switching to Noah Webster’s dictionary everywhere, I possibly could. Now I did that after reading this lovely James Somers post. And that post seems to be resounding through the web, with folks integrating it into their workflows in different ways.

So I was really happy when I read Jon Snader’s post telling me I could have my beloved Webster’s dictionary in Emacs! This sounded too good to be true! I didn’t believe it!
Because why would I believe some old, wise wizard who’s only been writing about Emacs on a near daily basis for close to fourteen years?!
I had to try this out myself!

So I whip out ye, old, trusty scratch buffer, type crap into it and select it.1

And then I fire up M-x dictionary-search, like Snader tells me to

This is the moment of poop … err truth! I hit return and …

How now brown cow?! It actually works!

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  1. the most beautiful dictionary in the world and my mind wants to look up crap. Of course. ↩︎