I got my greedy paws on a Raspberry Pi 5 last month.
Probably the Pi after this, will be the one at which I will say these are good enough and stop my “get ’em as soon as they are available” manic buying spree over the past few years.

I use it as a music jukebox (with Jellyfin), as a place to host my audiobooks/files, as well as a syncthing node. Occasionally I will download and transcode videos I find interesting, with yt-dlp.

The Pi is blazingly fast at these tasks. Stuff gets done in a third to half the time, they would take on the old Pi.
It also gets blazingly hot apparently.
Which reminds me of my time assembling 486 desktops in the late 90s. The DX2s needed only heatsinks (like the Pi 4) whilst the DX4 needed fans as well (like the Pi 5)
Like they say, everything old is new again.
It also reminds me of the time the fans would just up and die, after which the machine would then heat up and just go off.
The exact same thing is happening with my Pi 5. The fan in the official case is close to useless. It started whining loudly after only a week of use. But even when it did come on, the Pi would heat up and die.
I thought this was because of the power adapter I was using. Official chargers are not available here in India, for love or money. Which is why I was using the highest rated mobile charger I could lay my hands on. To eliminate this as a cause, I switched to a 65W Anker adapter. No dice.
I installed the sensors package, to get an idea of what was happening. The cores were spiking to 80°C plus. No wonder!
Went looking for heatsinks or fans that could assuage this issue and found an all metal Verilux Aluminium Alloy Case. Though calling it a case would be a slight misnomer. What it is, is sheets of aluminium, separated by spacers, topped with a fan.

It seemed overkill, but at the time, I had no other option available.
I got it, screwed everthing in, praying all the time, that I wouldn’t lose a spacer or screw. (They give one extra screw, nut and spacer)
That did the trick. Temperatures are in the high 40s to low 50s. And everything is zipping along and hunky dory again.

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