That long winded message was what greeted me this morning when I did my morning update the computer routine.

E: linux-firmware: installed linux-firmware package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 2

Nothing like a bug that sticks in your craw and prevents you from starting the day.
And then leads you down that crazy path of figuring out what the error is.
And then going down the rabbit hole of realising that this error happened because that went wrong.
And then tracking it all down.
And then going batshit crazy.
And then trying to figure whether updating Linux was a good thing to do in the first place.
And then wondering if even installing it was a good thing?
And then questioning your life choices in general.

Am I even a good person?

But I’m getting good at this, after close to twenty years of using the darned thing.
This message was what greeted me yesterday too, and I resisted, successfully, trying to fix it, because this forty two year old has adult life shit to do and the computer is supposed to help me do it, dammit.
I got through a whole day of work.
Mint is pretty good at keeping me sane, ever since I started using it and it hiccoughs only rarely.
This being, one of those few instances.
And even here, it just spat that error and keep the machine running, so I could do all the things.

A new day today and this crazy shit pops up again.
So I did the other adult thing, I learnt.
I gave myself 10 minutes to quickly look all of this up and only if there was an non-invasive, uncomplicated fix, would I go and do things.
This led me to this led me to this led me to wondering hmm! … What if all it was, was that I had too many kernels lying about and the boot partition was full to choking or something?
Now if this were a sane, logical, in the spirit of science post, I’d be df -hing away to high glory and documenting before and after and then taking backups and then slowly doing one thing at a time and making observations.

Ain’t no time for that shit.
I have bills to pay and a job hunt to do and a break coming up, before which this fucken thing needs to be fixed, so I can do all that.

So I figured, I’ll just delete all the old kernels I have lying about.
That was the least invasive thing I could do.
And worst case scenario, I do have backups. (Please don’t let it come to that.)
So I went ahead and did just that.(a la kazaam and poof! 6 old kernels vanish!)
And what do you know?

We’re back in business!
More rants for another day then.
Ciao, you lunkheads.

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