Like I mentioned the other day, Django is driving me batty!

Ok, I cannot completely blame Django.
A dental procedure has left me in quite a bit of pain and unable to focus.

So I was wondering what else I could do, instead of Django and decided I’d learn PostgreSQL.
I was tickled pink when I read that Postgres is actually Post Ingres.
I am old enough to remember Ingres databases that ran on computers I supported as a junior hardware engineer in the late 90s. I was warned not to ever touch the database machine unless I was supervised :P
I also attended seminars for another ‘Post Ingres’ database called NonstopSQL in the early oughts when I worked with Compaq as a support engineer for their laptops. Engineers would have open sessions. But what did a boy servicing laptops have to do with Tandem machines? How did they let me attend? That I will never know. Just that I found them fascinating :)

Now it all comes full circle when I actually need to learn about databases.
And what better database to learn than Postgres? :)

All those random videos about Postgres the other day, led me to the University of Michigan’s, PostgreSQL for Everybody Specialization.
Dr Chuck Severance is an engaging instructor, so I promptly signed up.

I’ll log the journey and what I learn, here in the days to come.

So long, for now!

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