I miss writing about what I learn.
So I am going to try and begin again.

I was too focussed on trying to learn all the stuff as quickly as possible, so I can go job hunt.
But I realise, I need to strike some sort of balance between learning slow enough, so that I can learn and document and enjoy vs going full tilt to finish up the blocks that I need.

One good thing that I’ve figured out for myself though is that I would love to use Python to do web stuff.
Ergo, I’d like to be a Python backend developer.
To that end, I am learning Python and Django and HTML and CSS and Postgres and I want to learn Flask and FastAPI and some low level network engine like Twisted.
Writing this, I realise there is no end to what I want to learn.
And once again, I need to strike a balance between what I’d want and love to learn vs what is actually needed to land a job that pays the bills, at least to begin with.
I’ve been on a learning rampage the past month, and I have learnt lots, but something niggles me.
My mind hates it when it cannot quite make out the shape of the thing it’s learning.
When I don’t have a mental model of it in my head.

So this post is kind of clearing out my head, to see where I am at.

  • Python, I consider myself a slow writer, but now I understand gosh darn nearly everything I lay my eyes on. I can read Python.
    I need to practice writing a lot more to gain fluency. But I am comfortable with the language. Like I mentioned above, I have the shape of Python in my head. I know what it feels like, how to intuit things, and what the entire Python continent looks like and the areas that I’m comfortable with.
  • HTML & CSS, I’ve learnt enough to be dangerous. Once again, I know what’s involved, and the areas that I need to work on.
  • JavaScript, is something I need to work on. If I want to become a web developer, then this is a skill I need to have. I’ve learnt the basics. But I need to figure out what this world looks like.
  • Django, is what I am trying to learn currently and it’s driving me bananas. It has so many moving parts. This feels like learning Python basics all over again. Hopefully the CS50W course that I’m doing will help me gain perspective.
  • PostgreSQL, is the final piece of what will make me think that I have the basics in place. I’ve just begun learning this today, as a break from Django. I’ll go mad otherwise. Let’s see how this pans out.

All the rest can wait.
So anything I learn about any of these things in the days going forward, I’ll write about how it felt and what I understood, over here.

Wish me luck!

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