Sometimes, I want to share snippets of what I am reading with my friends.
Kindles make it easy, with screenshots.
The only issue being I want to share the full length of two pages, like I’d do if I was reading a book.
And I need it often enough, that I felt I needed to go figure out some way to do it.

It was an easy-ish hack on the mac with printing with Preview.
But now, that I use Linux, I wondered if I could do better.

A little bit of spelunking and I figured out how to let ImageMagick do the hard work for me.
The suite comes with a utility called Convert, that does exactly what I need.

The basic command structure is,

some-imagemagick-utility -options input-file-1 input-file-2 … output-file

So to join my screenshots all I needed to do was,

convert +append dff1.png dff2.png combined-kindle-screenshot.png

and boom!

screenshot of a two pages from a kindle book

While this is what I want, the convert utility also lets me stack them one below the other by using -append like so …

convert -append dff1.png dff2.png combined-kindle-screenshot.png

Yes, I know ImageMagick is the bees knees when it comes to images, but I guess this will be the most I’ll ever use it :) 1

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  1. Famous last words! 😂 ↩︎