Meta post.
More than Django itself, I am beginning the phase of my journey, where now I write code and install programs and do all the things.
Am committing 2 hours to this daily, on weekdays along with a tiny what did I learn post.

I am beginning with Django itself, and if I have difficulties with any underlying concepts, I will quickly dive down and write code to understand those.
Learning along with Brad Traversy’s Python Django Dev To Deployment.
It’s a bit old, but I like the way he teaches.
And to make sure I am not cargo culting, I am doing this with Django 3 (the course has Django 2)

What did I do/learn today?

  • Set up a timetable of when I’ll go about doing things.
  • Bought the course.
  • Installed Django and got it to work.

And that’s about it.
Looking back at it, I wonder why this took me three long hours, but it is what it is.
I’d rather show up daily and make progress.