And just like that, this little journey ends.

What did I do/learn today?

  • Today was all about deployments.
  • Learnt how to use gunicorn along with nginx to deploy my website.
  • Learnt how to hide my secrets outside my code.

My first Django site is live!

A few reflections.

  • The project was both harder than I thought it would be, and took less time than I thought it would.
  • I know Django now, but I definitely don’t “know” Django.
  • This was an excellent introduction to the world of webdevelopment for me and has only whet my taste for more.
  • I realised that I need to skill up my HTML / CSS. That is where I turn to next. All the art and the layout were already done for me in this project. I want to do those too.
  • I need to do these study projects slower and keep aside sometime for play projects too. This is something I will definitely do next week onwards.