Hard day again.
I just cannot seem to focus and learn.
It takes slogging and rewatching and retyping and oh, I missed a colon there. Do it again.
And again.
And again.

And that is the only way, I seem to make any progress.
Well, the learning at speed does not quite seem to be in my hands
(or my brain 😂)
What is in my control, and the best I can do, is to show up every day.

What did I do/learn today?

  • I think I’m getting familiar with Django. Today I caught Brad making a mistake. And I went ha! That’s not what the module is called. It’s messages, not message.
  • Learnt all about creating user accounts for the website that I am creating alongside the course.
  • Learnt how to wire stuff up to the login, logout and register pages.
  • Learnt how to flash messages using Javascript & Bootstrap.
  • Created Dynamic Titles for all the various pages of my website; i.e. instead of it just pulling in the name from a base html file, I can now type in a title for every page, or create one from the various variables on the page.
  • Realising that Django is both not as large as I feared (the big picture is tractable) and much larger than I feared. (I don’t quite know how long I will take to master it.)

Until next time then …