Life got in the way again.
Remembered yesterday.
So I took it easy.
Gave myself 4 hours and the grace to quit if I wasn’t done.
And somehow, by the skin of my teeth, I got done with the pending module.

What did I do/learn today?

  • I seemed to have taken a break at a natural place in the module. If yesterday was about wiring views, today was about doing search.
  • Wrote lots of Django template code. Loops and variables and pulling data from dictionaries.
  • Amazing to see reams of code in an HTML template just vanish, to be replaced by a few lines of code, that loops over data pulled from a database.
  • Wrote lots of search functions for different parts of the site.
  • Love the fact that I understand most of the Python I write. Am confused a lot about whether the stuff I use is Python powered or something Django gives me, but am not stressing over it. This I am sure will come with time
  • Today was another slog day, but it was so much fun, watching various parts of the website come to life.