I thought last friday was hard.
Boy, was I wrong.

I had scheduled about four hours to do one of Brad’s modules everyday.
And today was such a bear.
Life happened.
There were lots of interruptions.
I tried to soldier on nonetheless.
Eight hours in, and I am still only halfway through the module.
That’s when I decided to give myself some grace and let it go.
Note to self, stick to the time. Not the module. If the module does not get over, there is always tomorrow.
(saying this, as I look at the pile of stuff, I’ve left undone today.)

What did I do/learn today?

  • Learnt the basics of view methods today
  • Am kinda getting the hang of how stuff passes through Django from me typing stuff in the url bar, to stuff being displayed on screen.
  • Learnt about humanize module that’ll “humanize” dates and times and figures, so that they make sense to humans.
  • Getting better at passing stuff in a view to the template.
  • Learning how to collect everything I want in a dictionary, and then passing it wholesale to the template, so I can work magic there, using those data.
  • Learnt about the Paginator module, that helps me, well, paginate stuff.

Hope to finish this module tomorrow