Today was a slog.
Life got in the way, so lost some scheduled time.
So decided to work some more in the evening.

What did I do/learn today?

  • Learnt the basics of models, and migrations today.
  • Learnt how to install PostgreSQL, so that I could simualate a production environment.
    • This took eons, all because, I did not realise that I (or some other program I installed) had already installed Postgres in the past, and so I went down a rabbit hole of looking at logs and figuring out ports and why I could not talk to the database I wanted.
  • Am slowly realising that I what working with Django actually is, is to take things that Django provides and then customise them to my needs. And Django provides a lot. Python is just the way I express what I want.
  • Learnt how to write a model file and then use migrations to actually go alakazaam and make them real in my database.
  • Learnt how to rejig the default admin panel, that comes with Django
    • While the stock admin site is pretty function Brad walked me through customising it to add brand colours and adding / changing functionality. For e.g. adding in a search field, so I could search by names.
  • I should be reading Django documentation and then playing with all the features.

Time to call it a day.
More on Monday.