Today was a really good day.
Did four productive hours of work.
Managed to focus, and follow the lessons and write my own code.

What did I do/learn today?

  • I need to write a lot more code.
  • I need to write lots of HTML/Javascript, to gain a better understanding. I thought I could get by with basic stuff, but the more I learn Django, the more I see that it works hand in hand with the content and styling that I have written. (Right now there is a set of templates for the course, but I can see myself taking much longer, if this was not there.)
  • The MVT flow is now gradually making more sense to me. What stuff belongs to a model? Or a view? I would listen to the instructor, (Brad), then pause the video and then try to do it myself first. Or at least think through the process and mentally prep an answer. And then go see what he did, and how he did it.
  • Worked with Apps and URLs and Templates and learnt to write code across these files, wiring one up to the other, so that the page would render.