I’ve been job hunting for nearly a year and I was resigned to the vagaries of the interview process.
Close to 16 interviews later, I was inured to every possible rejection note under the sun.

  • We don’t quite know what to do with you.
  • You’re too slow.
  • It’s us, not you.
  • The position just got filled.
  • While we don’t want you, we assure you, someone else will.

I understand it’s a process, that everyone goes through, but I somehow still held hope that someone would inject some humanity into what seems to be a pretty inhumane process.
And Scrollstack was exactly it.
While I still haven’t asked the powers that be, why I got in, their process of treating people humanely is what attracted me to them.
They wanted me on, and I’ve joined up as a Software Developer.

And ofcourse, would a guy who loves writing, love to help build tools that helps folk write? And earn, while we’re at it?
Does a bear shit in the woods?
Hell, yeah!

Here’s to upwards and onwards!
And Scrollstack, you have my undying gratitude for helping me start a new phase of my career.

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