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Consolidated the Subscription Page on the Site

Since I am a little out of sorts today, I decided to clean up the subscriptions options on the site.

Both the mail and the rss feeds are on one page now. For easy findability1.
The feeds are also categorised into work and personal, if that’s your jam.
Here ya go!


  1. Yes, that is the technical term for it. Yes, of course I made it up. This is my domain. I get to make up everything around here! 

What to Read, How to Read. Recommendations from Folks, I Admire and Follow (2021 Edition)

books comic

Image, courtesy Tom Gauld

This post was first sent to my newsletter on February 1st, 2021.
You really ought to subscribe :)

Welcome to the first, “serious” newsletter of 2021.
This was supposed to be my year end post, but life, as usual got in the way.

Now that I’ve jammed both the blogs together, most of the personal stuff is going to stay focussed on stuff about books and reading and writing and a few photos thrown in once in a while for good measure.
Seems like that is what I was doing most of last year, anyway.

Let’s get into it.

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Thoughts on Running Plex on a Raspberry Pi 4

This is just a play post to do a few things.
One, I am now testing categories for the blog.
So that the tech folk can subscribe only to the tech rss feed if need be.
Second, I need to get into the swing of writing things again.
It’s only been close to a month of not writing, but I already feel rusty 😂

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