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Consolidating Websites

Update: 15/01/2021.
It’s done.
I moved everything and it all seems to be working.
If something is broken, let me know, on the fediverse, or mailing me at jason at this domain.
To my tech posse, no there is no forwarding of old links happening. The site is too small and I have no time. Nobody is going to miss this.
And to that one little friend, who noticed that the site was dead and actually cried, I love you.

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Shower Thoughts, The Speed of Learning With Various Media

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A quickie for all you fellow epistemophiliacs.
I may have written something about this somewhere, but this still rankles my brain enough, that I want to put it down in a note.

Learning across various subjects, as I have been for the past two years (12th, college, programming, and the rest), for a short while, I was obsessed about the best way, the fastest way, the most efficient way to learn something.

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Books I Read, October 2020

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Nothing really exciting this month.
I had lots of work and could not quite focus on reading hard books or non fiction.
I needed to escape from the humdrum of life

So, I read a lot of Jack Reacher.
I decided to read all of the Lee Child novels featuring the character.

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Putting Emacs Backup Files in a Separate Location

Whenever Emacs saves a file, it makes a backup of the original.
So if I had a file.txt and I make changes and save it, Emacs firsts backs up the original to file.txt~.
While I love this functionality, and it has saved me from a pickle more than once, I don’t love the way my folders get polluted with ~ files all over the place.
My blog’s drafts folder had hundreds of these.

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