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A Hundred Days of Code, Day 040

Done with the Talk Python course.
And now to shift to low intensity Python learning while I ramp up studies for the 12th exams.
Will probably learn Flask with Miguel Grinberg.

Ben Hur

Decided to reread the old stories I had read in my childhood.

Started with Ben–Hur.
You might know the movie, more the book.

Adventure, slave galleys, a love triangle, and of course really well written historical fiction.

Loved it so much that I went and got the rest of Lew Wallace’s fiction.
The rains are going to be so much more enjoyable :)

Forest 404

It calls itself, an eco thriller.
But that is selling the series short.

It’s a lush, beautiful soundscape.
The forests still ring in my ears.
The drums still thump.
The future is chilly and industrial.

The writing and the dialogue are crisp.
And most importantly, it has an all woman cast.

And that is all I am willing to share.
Find the podcast here. It says episodes available indefinitely.
So go have fun!
I binged it. I’m sure you will too.

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 036

While the storm passed us by, it bought upon us a day of no power.
So I just deciced to make the most of it and read a book, I’ve wanted to, for quite a while.

Finished Jon Stokes’, “Inside the Machine”.
This book is like a 5000 feet, overview on how the CPU inside a computer works.
If you’re curious like me, and don’t want to delve into the nitty-gritties of Computer Science, this is just the book for you.
Starting with a fictional CPU and then racing through the Intel/AMD (x86, IA-64, x86-64) and AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorala - PowerPC) line of CPUs, this is a wonderful exposition of how the brains in your computer work.
(spoiler, they are really dumb and plenty fast!)

This was a wonderful, wonderful, book!
I cannot wait for the new edition to arrive!

A Hundred Days of Code, Day 034

Ok, back from hiatus, much earlier than expected :)
Need to take care not to burn myself out now.
I need to do this slowly.

Done with a tiny program, Kushal asked me to write.
If you download a log from the DGPLUG log archive and then run the program and give it the filename, it’ll spit out a list of how many nicks, spoke how many words.

The code is here, Gitlab and Github

I’ve written this program before, and this time I wanted to use Regular Expressions in the program.
I went and learnt Regex.
And then came and found out all I needed, was such a teensy bit of what I learnt XD

However, the combination of Python and Regular Expressions is quite compelling to me.
And I have a ton of more important work, suddenly.
So the plan, now going forward is to first finish up the Talk Python course and then to practice Python and Regex, until I am comfortable.
If I feel like writing something whimsical in the middle, I sure will.

The important part, I realise, is to do this slowly and steadily.
I commit to working two hours a day, five days a week.
No use burning myself out again.

P.S. Forgot to add, that the hundred days of code for me, is now a hundred and sixteen days :)

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