I did a lot of research the other day about what I’d need to build a contact form for my website.
I bookmarked lots of pages.

And today, I come and look at this mountain of videos and sites and pages and woneder what exactly it is, that I am supposed to tackle.
Nothing makes sense.
I know I ruled out Sendy as an option. Or did I?
Do I need Javascript? How much? Can I get snippets to copy paste? Do I need to go learn Javascript?
What is spam protection? Do I need spam protection? How do I do it?
I’ll have to go look at it all again now.1

Note To Self:

  1. As you wind down your day, summarize what it is that you were working on in the eve.. (in however shitty a manner. does not matter.) Which also means, you need to keep some time in hand to do that. Or stop working a bit earlier
  2. As you being your day, look over your calendar first2, agenda next3, and as you begin each task review your summary from wheneve you worked on it last4.

I do this when I work all the time for clients.
Wonder why I never do it for my learning.
Time to treat myself as my most important client, and not assume that I will remember the important bits.
Time to make it easy for myself to pick up the threads again.

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  1. Or god forbid, research it all over again. ↩︎

  2. Which I normally do ↩︎

  3. Which I also normally do ↩︎

  4. Which I never do ↩︎