I must admit to stealing … quite a lot … from a bot at that!
Zoetrope’s, “random color contrasts” gets colours from Adam Morse and John Otander’s Randoma11ly and posts them a few times a day.
I’ve been writing down the ones I love and find interesting, in an Org note, in the hopes I’ll use them someday.
(I know I’m just hoarding colours 😂. But hey, I used one1 out of the thirty-odd colours, I’ve jotted down so far)

The bot page has a nice preview of what the colours look like (like this), while my little note just had bland hex RGB values.
So I was wondering if I could somehow see what they looked like. Preview the values themselves in the colours they represent.
I didn’t have to dig too deep. Ofcourse Emacs does this. With Rainbow Mode.

All I had to do was install it. Activate it in the buffer. And tada! Look! How Pretty!

a list of colours with their hex values. hex values are show in the colour they represent

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  1. background and foreground for one of my Org Mode workflow states 😛 ↩︎