Whenever I post a link to one of my posts on the fediverse or share it with my friends on Signal, I just get a plain vanilla link box

I wanted those rich embeds, other folk seemed to have, on the same mediums, that I would share my links on.
Looking around for how to go about doing this, led me to ogp.me, which taught me the whys and wherefores.
Looking around, a bit more for how to do this with Hugo, led me to this thread, which had this helpful comment by Kaushal Modi, which made be search the Hugo documentation which finally led me here.

I figured all I needed to do then was just to link to the image1 I wanted in the metadata section of my post, like I did for this one.2

title: "Get Hugo to Show Images in Links When Shared on Social Networks"
date: 2024-02-11T19:45:52+05:30
categories: ["work"]
tags: ["hugo"]
  - "/images/2024/op-image-on-link-2.png"

Et voilà! Rich image previews on links!

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  1. or a list of images, if you so choose ↩︎

  2. I use yaml. The docs have examples for toml and json formats as well ↩︎