Started with the problem,
Need to take in an md file and then generate an html file.

Hint given, use a package from PyPI.

Decided to use the Markdown package from PyPI.
Looks good to me.

Was advised to work off a branch while developing.
Thank God for friends who teach you good habits.
Looking up how to do that in git now.

Watched Git videos for about an hour.
Learnt lots about branches. Giving up for today. it’s 8 in the eve and i am tired.


Captain’s Log, Stardate something, something :P
Let’s see what the day holds.

  • Figured out how to read in a file.
  • Figured out how to convert it.
  • Figured out how to write to a file safely.
  • Now gotta figure out how to write the same file name as the one i feed it.
  • 11:44:24, went on a little rabbit hunt for how to type times in here :)
  • 11:45:21, first time ever, that I’ve hit a flow state, doing Python
  • 12:18:03, got it working, yea baby!
  • 12:40:55, Kushal suggested corrections and improvements. getting to work on those later.


Captain’s Log, stardate, weekend on terra begins XD

  • 09:04, beginning with Kushal’s suggestions
  • 09:38, beginning now. :) had a power cut End day. Nothing done.