This is a rewrite of a young budding blogger friend’s post.
Mainly to give him something to reach for.
Also, testing live previews in Nikola.

It’s witching hour as I write this.
I’m done with my day and I thought, for once, let me just jot down and reflect on my day.

It’s very common amongst us students to spend our whole day working on this and that and feel like we’re doing really well and are very busy and then somehow find that the whole day was fruitless and yielded nothing.
I’m obviously no exception.

Which is why … this post.
I hope that if I write about what I’m doing (and continue to write daily), I might have a measure of progress, of success.

Here’s my day (not counting my workout hours)

SQL: I am having a really nice experience with “SQL in 14 days.”
I am understanding lots as I go through the chapters.Even better, I maintained a 12 day streak; today was the 13th day. I learned about embedded sql, and to implement that, I learned about Transact SQL.

This was pretty good but i am not quite satisfied by this and the only reason I can come up with for that i can think of is, I didn’t implement my work in a project.

Linux: A good day for my linux learning. I’ve almost completed the “Linux for You and Me” guide by Kushal Das. Only about a chapter and a half remains. I’ll probably be done be done by day’s end tomorrow.
I learned many commands and concepts about Linux, like the “ps aux” command, the “jobs” command, and “top”, processes, systemd, init, and so much more. I’ve learned how to check for running processes in the system, that the initial process in the system has pid 1; these and many more interesting things helped me go deeper and learn more about my own system.

I always implement commands which show up in the guide, so this part leaves me pretty thrilled.

Machine Learning: I started about six weeks ago. I am pursuing Andrew Ng’s course on the Coursera platform. I find this technology very interesting. I am now on my sixth week and my mentor tells me, we’ve completed the basics of Machine learning in the week four, which means we are now moving forward to talk about the real world implementation of machine learning.
Also yay! I learned about spam classifiers today. It was a nice topic to learn and implement.

I want to do a minor project on machine learning now, which will help me understand things practically. Until then “I am not going to be satisfied”.

dgplug: Today we had a review session in the training and it was nice to see people being so involved in the sessions. It shows me that people are now getting the hang of things and learning what they are taught and the guides they are referenced. The questions they asked were really good, but one thing I noted to myself, was that I didn’t asked a single question. Perhaps I had no queries or i don’t know what I don’t know, but I think, attending the session is also atleast as valuable as asking questions, as I read all the queries and their solutions in the logs and I learn lots much from that.

Also, I am waiting eagerly for Sayan’s next session on Git. The first one was amazing!

Documentary: Like we were told to, I watched the documentary , “The Internet’s Own Boy.” It was a touching, and moving documentary about Aaron Swartz, showcasing his brilliance and enthusiasm for the Internet and its opennness and how he fought against the illegal things the government was doing. It also showed about the methods government used to hide their Black Ops and how they annoy and and threaten and even remove someone who comes in their way of doing what they want.

Random Things: My system hung for quite sometime, so i “furiously” pressed so many keys with the Fn key(I am glad, I didn’t kicked it in with my foot as my type of nerd footballers do!). When the system still didn’t work, i mashed the power button (I didn’t want to do that, as it reset my uptime which had barely reached 5 days, but sadly, I was left with no other option). When i restarted the system, it was fine but the WiFi was didn’t start. I searched for solutions on google and I learned more commands, which were “rfkill list”, “rfkill unblock all”, “rfkill unblock ”. These were to switch off the soft-block and hard-block processes in the system.
I think sometimes even a hung system can teach you so many things :). By the way, my problem was not solved by these commands, since actually when i kicked all those keys with the Fn key, I also smashed the F2 key which is the manual WiFi switch on board.

Things on My Mind: I want to contribute to the website of a newly started community which i am a member of, but i have no idea of how things work and how to do that. This is a really serious issue for me and i need to resolve it as fast as i can.

And in meantime, I also watched an old episode of Agents of SHIELD.

I think I’ve written my heart out.
Seems like it would be good to stop here.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

On reflection, I realise that I am happiest when I am implementing things out in the real world, with real work, in real projects.
I need to think long and hard about ways in which I can do that.