Originally published 2021/10/27. Updated to inclue the restart emacs point

I run pretty often into this issue, so this is a checklist for me.
Issue being, that I cannot use Compose key sequences to type out the characters I need.

Case in point being, the apostrophe and the quote marks “” , ‘’ that I use, all the live long day.

  1. Make sure that emacs is running as a service. It runs in your user, so check status with systemctl --user status emacs.service
  • Do the normal computer user thing. Restart the service.systemctl --user restart emacs.service.1
  • Make sure the system is UTF-8 everywhere. (en_IN.UTF-8 does not work for me. Make sure it’s en_US.UTF-8)

This should do the trick 99% of the time.

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  1. Have done it close to 4–5 times now. It works! ↩︎