If someone had told me three and a half years ago, that I would:

  1. Use Emacs as my primary editor nearly everywhere.
  2. Not just as an editor. In fact, I would stop thinking of it as an editor and come to see it for what it really is. A whole computer with an editor bolted on.
  3. Use Emacs not just for writing, but also have it serve as the cornerstone for two other extremely important activities in my life, organising my life (with Org Mode) and tending to my commonplace book (with Org Roam)
  4. Come so far as to scrape a web page, set it up as a connected node in my Zettelkasten, strip close to fifty superfluous lines, edit the rest to my liking, change the title to title case, and then file it way within minutes, and learn do all this by osmosis and research over the years, just by using it daily and being curious1
  5. Have a kind community support all my crazy attempts to bend Emacs to my will

I would have told you, you were off your rocker.
But I do, do these things (which, I’m ridiculously pleased with) and have this wonderful community (which, I am earnestly grateful for).
Here’s to three and a half decades!

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  1. and being a bit stubborn and refusing to accept the status quo ↩︎