Unlike #100DaysOfCode, I am not quite giving up on Emacs.
Rather that it has turned out to be a habit that has fit in, quite well, and I don’t need this accountability any more.

I use it for most of my prose (not code, yet.)
This post, is in fact, written in Emacs :)

I have not gained any modicum of knowledge by any means.
But I have enough muscle memory and immersion, to make sure I will continue using Emacs for most writing I do.

Finding Jason Blevins’ Markdown Mode was what did it for me.
I did not realise, I wrote as much Markdown as I did :)

I can move about, write, save, edit, and preview Markdown and prose.
This is enough to turn it into a daily driver for me.

The next steps now are to get more fluent in Emacs and then slowly explore all the other things I can do with it … Writing code, corralling files, and using it as an organiser!