Slowly making my way through the Mastering Emacs book.

Things I did / learnt today …

  1. Learnt that if I want to run Emacs all over the place (like I do), then the best thing to do is to have Emacs, running as a daemon in the background. So I did that via the handy systemd instructions, on this page.
  2. And that Emacs has a kitchen sink’s worth of commands.
  3. And that Emacs commands are like playing chords on the guitar or piano. You just hit a few of them in a sequence to get the desired sound (or action in this case)
  4. C-g, the Control and the G keys get me out of a jam, if I am stuck.
  5. Found Jess Hamrick’s really useful post, on moving about and buffers and frames and stuff.
  6. Got myself a basic emacs Anki deck.
  7. And I learnt how to move about.

All in all, a pretty good day.

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