When I finally figured out how to get line breaks working on my microblog, I ran into another sort of hiccough, when I tried doing that from my phone.
I use the Drafts app on my phone and tablet to slice and dice all manner of text and to send it to various locations as I please.

One of those is a workflow, that lets me shoot text to a folder on my server which is then published (via a script) on the microblog.
And everytime I typed my {{< hbr >}} Hugo shortcode to let me have a line break in that post1, it would just publish gibberish2 instead of giving me said break.

A bit of twiddling and experimenting led me to the solution.
If I escaped the leading { character with a \, so that I typed \{{< hbr >}}, it then worked just fine!

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P.P.P.S. I need to escape my Hugo shortcodes with /* */ if I want to display them in my posts. Like so, {{/* some-shortcode */}}

  1. when it gets published on the blog, that is. ↩︎

  2. rather, ascii representations of said characters, but gibberish is the correct technical term ↩︎