*Update: 15/01/2021. It’s done. I moved everything and it all seems to be working. If something is broken, let me know, on [the fediverse][cbj], or mailing me at jason at this domain. To my tech posse, no there is no forwarding of old links happening. The site is too small and I have no time. Nobody is going to miss this. And to that one little friend, who noticed that the site was dead and actually cried, I love you.*

Happy New Year and welcome to the first newsletter of the year :)

I’m starting the year with a bit of spring cleaning.
I decided to stop publishing to mjbraganza.com
Yes, the book review and the photo website is now gone.
I had started it to give my family and friends the option where they did not have to see me work rants and struggles.

A few years of doing this have taught me that they don’t mind it anyway. They don’t check it on their own anyway. The newsletter is where the magic happens for family & friends.

Which left me the unwanted, detested task of having to run two websites, maintain two sets of data and run two newsletter like things.
I also have goals (my health, my family, my professional life) that I need to focus on, which leave me very little time to do these (even though I enjoy it immensely).
So, I’ve decided to stop doing it.
Like Cal Newport says,

  • Do less
  • Do Better
  • Know why

janusworx.com is where home is, for the forseeable future.
If you are looking for the old stuff, I will be bringing it over here, slowly as time and energy allow.

And once again, I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

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