And just like that, I’m done with #CNC2021

I started this journey, on April 20th, with the hope that I would write a lot more code.
I was getting discouraged because to my mind, I was not getting much done.
I volunteered for the Code More challenge, in the hope that I could make some progress


Like I mentioned in the Code Newbie Welcome Thread, I am looking to change careers and get a job as a web developer.
Which means I have a lot to learn, in a hurry.
So I’ll need all the help, I can get.


I learnt HTML and CSS and built a website from scratch, using a course.
I learnt the basics of Django and built a Django powered website.
Most importantly I learnt the importance of reviewing my plans and course correcting.
That to me, was my biggest blindspot.
There’s still quite a ways to go, but building something concrete has done wonders for my confidence.

Takeaways, Learnings, and Growth

Using the “Goals, Tasks, Iterate, Big Picture” loop helped clear my muddled head and gave me a way to make progress.

I aim to use the process I learnt here, as my long term way to manage my projects.

Overall Reflections

I love all the folks over at CodeNewbie, who were extremely encouraging.
This experience has taught me the value of having friends and a community who will help you on your path. To, that end, I will seek out new communities where I can ask questions and help out too.
I aim to stay at Code Newbie ofcourse :)

What’s next for me

I’ve just begun on my path. There’s still lots more to do, on the way to becoming a web developer. Wish me luck!