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Nothing really exciting this month.
I had lots of work and could not quite focus on reading hard books or non fiction.
I needed to escape from the humdrum of life

So, I read a lot of Jack Reacher.
I decided to read all of the Lee Child novels featuring the character.

And all of that, started because I read a book, that followed Lee Child around for a year, describing his writing process and the work that goes into a Reacher novel.
It’s been fun, reading. Like meeting an old friend.
Considering that he writes about one a year, I find it slightly alarming that I have now read seventeen years of Child’s work in a month.

I wonder what I’ll do when I get done with all the books.
Well I don’t really have to wonder. I’ll just go read another one.

I have more books, I want to read than I have life left :)
So here’s to reading! See you next month!

If you want to see the titles, click here.

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