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Now that life is picking back up, I have slowed down on the reading.
I stuck to fiction this month. Only this month was at my normal pace 😄
The speed demon of September and October is no more 😂

Actually I stuck with Jack Reacher this month.
I thought I would be done with him, but he does not seem to be done with me.
There was another new Reacher published last month, to be tacked on to the end of the queue.

Not that I am complaining. 😄
Jack Reacher is no Sandman, but as as stoic vigilante, he rocks!

Speaking of stoicism, the one book I did read other than Child’s series was my evergreen favourite; Colleen McCullough’s epic about the early settlers of Australia and Norfolk Island, Morgan’s Run.

Following the disappearance of his only son and the death of his beloved wife, Richard Morgan is falsely imprisoned and exiled to the penal colonies of eighteenth-century Australia. His life is shattered but Morgan refuses to surrender, overcoming all obstacles to find unexpected contentment and happiness in the harsh early days of Australia’s settlement.

From England’s shores to Botany Bay and the rugged frontier of a hostile new world, Morgan’s Run is the epic tale of love lost and found, and the man whose strength and character helped settle a country and define its future.

It isn’t masterful writing.
But it is a masterful potrayal of a man who is buffetted by the storms of life and yet, holds on to his core.
And it has another important (to me) characteristic. It is looong at close to 900 pages.
So oftentimes, I just open to one phase of Richard Morgan’s life and get lost in it.
His false imprisonment, or his early halcyon life, or how he makes the most of his imprisonment in Australia or his easy ability to inspire loyalty.
Like I write under its title, it is one of my Lindy Books.
It has been my soul food and constant companion for the last twenty years.
It taught me stoic principles, before I even knew what Stoicism even was.
I cannot imagine, how I would have gotten through my tough times, if it wasn’t for Morgan’s Run.

And that was my run for November.
I’ll be back with more of what I read, next month 😄

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