Moved over from Nikola, to Hugo today.

In two minds about what to do with all the old posts. Do I just shed them all, like I’ve done in the past? Or work to move them over?

Maybe, tomorrow’ll bring clarity.

In the meanwhile, this is a house under construction, y’all!
Stuff does not work, stuff looks wonky, and stuff both, looks wonky and doesn’t work.
I’ll be at it, on and off, over the next few weeks, trying to make this home.

Why did I do this?
Because I’ve been in a disheartening rut of sorts.
The long slog, to switching careers and all the learning that goes with it, is weighing me down.
So I wanted to do something fun.
Ergo, Hugo’s my new toy.

The blog looks the way it does, thanks to the good people at Hugo Headquarters and Aditya Telange’s PaperMod.
And I know of all this fanciness, thanks to my two young friends who run Hugo themselves, Bhavin Gandhi, and Pradyun Gedam.