Stuff for future Jason to take note, when he tries to redo his Huginn instance …
I wanted a quick and easy way to install it, without messing up my base system much, so I chose the Docker route.
Now, I don’t know the A or D of Docker, so these quick notes for me to remember in the future.

  1. I need to install Docker rootless, and bring it up as a systemd service.
  • If I want persistent data, I should create a Docker volume.
  • Create an env file to hold all the secrets that I want to pass to the container
  • I need to run and create my huggins instance first, give it a name, pass the env file and also remembering to mount the volume at the place I need
  • I can then start and stop the image with the name I assigned it.
  • I need to then tag the image with a policy to restart automatically
  • So everytime Docker comes up, it will start the container automatically.

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