Derrick & Rajeshwari

Derrick came home two years ago in December to tell me he liked a girl.

Then he told me that she was older than him.
Then he told me she was Hindu.
Then he told me, she was a divorcee with a kid.

All of this didn’t surprise or bother me.
I’d be OK with all of this no matter what, if the girl’d be good.

What did surprise me, was that my brother, my impetous, independant minded, “I am my own man” brother cared enough about this girl to seek my approval.

Which I can tell you, has happened rarely enough, I can count such moments on my fingers.

(the approval seeking … not the girl meeting)

I met her. We spoke for two whole hours.

And I came away with the belief she was too good for him.

That all these “strikes” notwithstanding, Rajeshwari was still too good for Derrick.

I firmly believe that my brother is marrying up.
I firmly believe that Rajeshwari’ll, finally make an honest man out of my brother.

I’ve seen them together for the past year and a half.

My brother is a more peaceful, more happy, and dare I say it, more sane person, because of her.
Rajeshwari is already more than a sister that we boys ever had.
She’s compassionate, she’s kind, she’s full of joy and has a wicked sense of humour.

They’re good together. And Jai completes them.

This apparently, is the place where I’m supposed to impart worldly wisdom.
From my own short three year, crazy roller coaster of married life, all I can say is,

      Be together.

      Be happy.
      Be sad.
      Be angry.
      Be stupid.
      Be idiotic.
      Be ecstatic.
      Be determined.
      Be brave.
      Be whatever you want to.

All this and more’ll be infinitely better, if you do it together.

So here’s to the two of you …

Be happy!