Cross posting, because I think the idea is important enough for me to have it on both the personal and work blogs


I stuggle to write regularly.

Sometimes, I struggle to write, because I can think of anything to write.
And sometimes, I struggle, because I have a deluge of ideas.

So I want to write this wisp of an idea, before I lose it.

  1. If I think it is of any interest to me, I should write it down in my own words.
  2. I will not pick up another book, before I write what I think of it, or write down the notes I highlighted.
    Even if it’s only a line, I ought to write it down, instead of just using Librarything or Goodreads to say I’ve read it.
  3. If I learn it, I should write it.
    I’ve already forgotten, how I got an image carousel installed on my personal blog. I should write shit down.
  4. Drastically reduce twitter and rss use.
  5. Copy Kushal and have a regular weekly cadence.
    That’ll give me at least fifty two posts a year.

Well, that’s the idea … written down.

All I have to do now, is do it.