Ok, so here goes.

I’ve always wanted to do marginalia and notes and talk to myself and share all that with … someone like me, but younger I guess.

I want to retain and understand and absorb, more of what I read.
I want to come back to what I’ve written and see if it holds up
And I want to read and osmosize1 more of what Vishal Khandelwal calls Supertexts.

I read three volumes of Taleb over the past year and a half and I wish I had written down what I learnt.
And I know now, why they’re called Supertexts
Every other day, I see something through that new lens I gained.
And I wish I could have written about the Incerto, the way Kyle has

Well, better late than never :)
The super half, gifted me a Munger trio early this year.

And so I’ll start with the aforementioned book, as I try to make sense of it.

Come along, will you?

  1. I make up fancy shit, as I go! :P ↩︎