Realised that while I do know rough and tumble basic Python, I have a long way to go before I can do things or even understand things.

Half of my frustration writing, is because I cannot do the things, I want to do, and I struggle along and by the time, some generous friend shows me or I find the answer on the net, I realise that I don’t know this part of Python at all!
I have a vocabulary problem. I know to talk like a child, not communicate like an adult.

So I have decided (let’s see how this pans out) to spend Saturdays learning something new about Python. Do some deep work.
Probably once I know enough this time could be spent working deeply on a project.
The realisation is that I need to do both, study as well as practice to learn as fast as I can.

To that end, I went and learnt about classes in Python today.
I used David Blaikie’s Python Beyond The Basics - Object Oriented Programming to get up to speed.
This was an excellent, class on the basics of classes and their implementation in Python.
I can honestly say, I know a lot more about reading and understanding Python code now that I have been through this class.
Classes, the Three Pillars, Subclasses, Exceptions, Debugging … all the basics are there.

Now, to put this knowledge to good use, in the coming weeks.